Above The Top Events Events Fresh Floral Designs
& Elaborate Silk Centerpiece Collection

Eye Candy with All the Flavors of a Rainbow
Heavenly fresh flowers make us react; their beauty transforms our minds to
wonderful memories of scents to our past. Above The Top Events future is
to design your personality and character into an arrangement or bouquet
that is your signature. Creative, fresh, hand selected by our buyer and fused
over by our designer.  The object to the game is to create a style just for
your event and for you to love it.  Above The Top Events Designers will go
through the steps to find the flowers, find the shapes, listen to you to
discover your style and look for every color of the rainbow for your
colors. What is important to you is important to us.  Some of the benefits
about using our services is that we will decorate our Above The Top Events
Designer Wedding Cake with flowers for no additional charge. Just one
look at pictorials is worth one thousand words.

Above The Top Events Designs vs. Florist  
A florist will meet with you and months and weeks latter a group of staff
will look at the order on the wall and fill that order.  Flowers are
ordered for all the orders.  You will most likely not know who is doing
your actual designs and a delivery person (that you have never met) will
deliver your order, not knowing exactly where you want it.  You can hope
that it will arrive and be placed exactly where you want it, exactly the style,
colors and grandeur you discussed the day you sat down with whoever was
taking the original order. Above The Top Events has nothing negative to say
about the retail floral, industry but you have options as to what level of
service you are looking for.  Flowers are beautiful no matter who sells
them.  It is who designs the flowers them that make the difference.  And last,
run when you hear the words, “filler flowers”.

Above The Top Events will meet with you and you have the opportunity to
hand select the flowers, shapes and colors you are looking for in your
designs. Above The Top Events’s designer will meet with you twice to make
sure your order is what you imagined. If you want, you can pick out every
flower.  Your flowers are ordered the week before your event by the
designer who is creating your designs, your flowers are made by a team of
staff that you will know the day before and morning the day of your event.
You will have the ability to make changes on all on site events and our team
of Staff knows everything about your flowers (all aspects)!  They know
exactly where your décor is going because the designer is actually doing
the work.  If you call with a problem you are not an order dangling from
the wall, you are all we are thinking about on your day, just moments
before saying, “I do”.  As for “filler flowers” Above The Top Events does not
use them.

Above The Top Events Events On-Line Flower Special
Just for going on line and bringing this with you to your design meeting, we
will present you with an on line offer.  Just looking at this will make our
flower meeting a bit easier.  This offer is only good with customers who
have a current reservation and are using our services. Also placing your
flower order can be stressful due to the unknown cost factor.  Since this
is the most exciting event of your life we want you to feel comfortable
about your purchase.  The following offers can be customizing with cost
adjustment that reflect your actual order.  Above The Top Events Brides
can use this pricing to avoid surprises of bottom line pricing.  Since we do
not promote filler, all are flowers are roses, lilies, orchids and we will
make sure the flower of your choice is in season.  If your flower selection
is out of season we will provide you with other beautiful options.  When
using our Above The Top Events Ceremony Services, alter flowers are
included along with Aisle Decorations.

Princess Bride Personal Flower Package $ 700.00

Bridal Bouquet with 2.5 Dozen Flowers, Medium Size Round or Oval

(1)Maid of Honor 1.5 Dozen Flowers
(3)Bridesmaids 1.5 Dozen Flowers
(1)Flower Girl Basket of Petals

Grooms Boutonniere:  Double Roses

(1)Best Man Boutonniere
(3)Groomsmen Boutonniere’s
(1)Ring Bearer’s Boutonnière

(4)Ladies Family Corsages’
(4)Male Family Boutonniere’s

Toss Bouquet:  No Charge

Reception Flowers
Fresh Flower Centerpieces Start at $35.00 Per Table
Bridal Table Decorating & Centerpieces Start at $75.00 Per Table